Thursday, 24 July 2014

Outdoor /Car Studio & Sketchbookery Week 3 and darnit Week 4!

Seriously? Really? You are Joking Right?  Is it over already?

Darnitall anyhow, just when I was getting the hang of this sketchin' thing and I even went out and found refills for my beloved Frixion pens!! phooey.
O well.
Here are my efforts (laughing out loud while viewing is encouraged and good for your digestion!)
First a glimpse of me attempting (with some success!) the 'chevron book stitch' - note the Samsung Galaxy tablet set up as I follow along with Mary Ann Moss' destruct err..instructions!

My outdoor studio under the patio umbrella: I share this space with Mr Bear who loves to bbq at this time of year.

Week 3
Experimenting with a correction pen and a quick sketch of a 'motor assisted cycle' charging in our local parking lot. While attempting to do just one more detail, Mr Bear was waving at me to hurry up and get back in the car!

Week 4
Neon tango Geraniums and Techno Blue Lobelia

Before and After (just in case you didn't know you were looking at that same

Road trip  to Victoria for various medical appointments and sketching in the car (AS A PASSENGER! I hasten to add) with laptray (my other studio :)
What I saw while driving north in the light rain.
I have found that adding a smear of gesso to my amazon wrapping paper really helped calmed down the skipping of the frixion pen.

First stop: 
My TPI Acupuncturist has the neatest water cooler cover I have ever seen. 
I will have to ask if it was handmade next time I'm there.

We usually fill up on a good Chinese feed before heading home: the Ocean Garden is our favourite.
Another quick sketch before our food was brought to our table steaming hot.
We ordered won ton soup, egg drop green pea soup and shanghai rice noodles. 
Blessings of the Sketchery Muse to all who read this. 
Keep On A Sketching!

DLP WK 29 and DLP WK 30: Dream and Music by the Sea

Yes I am still doing DLP with my envelope inserts as opposed to a full page tip-in though I may change that around for next year.
DLP WK 29 was WISH LIST and like another DLP'er who felt that wishes made public do not come true and so hid hers, I too have tucked them away in the back of a book. This week's insert is to remind me to put them on tags and insert them in the envelope.

DLP WK 30 - SMASH album: I didn't quite 'smash' what came through the door, but chose instead (since I don't have a full page to play with) two brochures which were advertising Summer Events - one that I hope to go to one of these days: Music By The Sea in Bamfield.

Blessings on your week!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

SKETCHBOOKERY Week 1 and 2 and yes I know my header is getting longer ..

It turns out that La Musa is not content with me trying to keep up with the DLProject but poked her sharpened pencil into my side until I broke down and registered for Ms Mary Ann Moss'  SKETCHBOOKERY course as well.
I had been looking forward to seeing what she would come up with this time round and she has not disappointed.
The first week was getting to know your paints, doing a colour wheel and wielding various brushes and pens.
This is the second week and I will actually share what I accomplished.
First was making our sketchbook using  this very attractive 'flying book' stitch.
It's actually called the 'chevron' but to me they look like the 'flying books' which were featured in this delightful animated short called  "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore."

Then we were encouraged to actually (gasp) sketch in it!
The first sketch  I did was of a white lavender stem in a mini bar Glenlivet bottle using a Frixion black fine line pen and coloured it in using Derwent Inktense pencils. 

Then we were told to go 'draw a beautiful alphabet'. I am not sure I succeeded in the 'beautiful' but I was determined to do justice to the first letter in my name at any rate: the "J".  
I used 'Letter by Letter  by Laurent Pflughaupt  as my reference. 

A stand of wild pinks always lean to the right toward the sun by my fountain. A huge douglas fir overshadows them so it is quite the exercise for them to see who can reach the sun first.
I had cobbled together various weights of papers that I had lying around, ranging from 90-300 lb, a mix of  hot and cold pressed, plus I stitched in a few pages of Amazon's brown wrapping paper for good measure. (you have to love FREE art supplies when you order stuff!)
I am going to try out my gouache paints for the first time in this book as well as my beloved Derwent Inktense pencils and my water brushes. These have stood me in good stead throughout my recent travels and are now my constant companions in my 'art bag'.
Thankfully I have also found Frixion pens to be a right royal godsend in this department as they are erasable and the scratchy lines give so much character to what you are sketching - almost instant shadow effect.  They make me a better sketcher than I actually am! They are water soluable so they also 'gray' the colour as well as disappear into the mix a wee bit.
Blessings of the Muse to all who read this.
Happy sketching!

Monday, 7 July 2014

DLP WK 28 - Add a mini photo to your insert.

This week, I chose the Compass dictionary page for my background to represent the Journey that my husband and I are on, placed a tiny polaroid frame of my favourite shadow shot of the two of us, created a black and white under page and added the Love dictionary definition to round it out.
"Love doesn't make the world go round, it makes the TRIP Worthwhile!"
Blessings on your week!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

DLP WK 27 Crossword

This week's challenge was to use either a crossword, word search or suduko.
I chose to create a crossword to honour the Gang of 5 who encouraged this type of craziness.
Blessings of the Muse to all who read this.